Thursday, October 2, 2014

Closing thoughts from Brandon

It was a sincere blessing to see Emmanuel Ministries Children's Home again with my wife by my side.  We were able to share in some very cool adventures, and she was able to share in another part of my life with me.  It was also exciting to see a new generation of leaders rising up to serve the Home--which desperately needs their service; running such a home requires long hours, dedication, and heart.  It also requires support from outside--and that's where you can come in.

Ever since the travel warnings about Juarez, the work crews going down have dropped from dozens each season to approximately 4 each summer only.  Mission Trips and work crews from the US and other countries can tremendously impact the children's home by providing fresh energy, encouragement, supplies, and love.  It is hard for me to explain how much difference even one small trip or crew can make if they are there serving God/loving others.  I invite you to strongly consider going there with us next year OR with your own group.  I would personally be willing to assist you in setting such a trip up--contact me at  You can also give financially and in prayer to the Home (information about that can be found at their website here:

Please consider how you can come alongside this amazing ministry in future.  To those who came alongside us in prayer and financial support--thank you sincerely from the Children's Home and from us!  May we all be blessed to be blessings!

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