Sunday, July 6, 2014

Further Updates Sunday, July 6th 2014

So--service was really cool to experience.  The church has a new, young pastor, and he is very interested in reaching out to the members of his congregation.  His message was very good--it emphasized not just asking God for His blessings but actually listening for God and for what He wants us to do for His Kingdom--even today.  We had a good chat with him, ate lunch with the kids, got a tour of part of the home, and then we played with the kids in the cancha (playground).  Below are some videos and pictures to help bring you along with us on this experience.

First, here's a longer video of us riding into Juarez and up to the Home--you can see more of what the city looks like and what the home looks like at the end of it.

Here are two videos from the worship portion of the service:

Here is a video of playing in the concha:

and here are some photos of a few parts of the home to orient you so that you can visualize when we talk about places.  Below are the cancha (playground), kitchen/dining room, and a variety of the dorms that the kids sleep in.  There is also a photo of the mat room and of one of the upstairs lesson rooms (that we often teach lessons in):

And finally, here are some photos of us playing with kids in the cancha (playground):

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