Sunday, July 6, 2014

Blessed Sunday

My thoughts for tonight shall be short and sweet, as I am ready to fall asleep. I just wanted to take a moment though to express my gratitude for everyone who sent us and has been praying for us on this journey. I am truly honored and blessed by all of you. I know our team is very blessed as well.

This Sunday has been a blessed one for sure.

Today was full of wonderful meal-time conversations with the people here, a tremendously powerful time of worship throughout the entire church service (watching those children jump and dance just melts my heart), some prep time for the coming week and tour of the changes in the Children's Home facilities, lunch with the kids in the home (we get to eat with the kids in their cafeteria, a NEW experience!), time in the cancha with the children playing and running and sweating...and making connections already.

In our group devotion time this evening I expressed that one of my favorite things about today was that we were able to start seeing a few connections already happening. We all have a chance to interact with all the children at some point...but often there are a few that are drawn to certain individuals and just bond with them. I know a few connections already began between myself and a few girls this afternoon. What a blessing!!!

My heart did ache a little to hear of some of the kids that are no longer at the home for various reasons. I pray they feel God's presence in their lives wherever they are.

Today it was also a joy to catch up more with our amigos Adam and Becky and listen to their hopes and dreams for both the Children's Home and the House of Prayer here in Juarez.  The leaders here have such a powerful heart for these children and this city and sacrifice so much in following God's calling on their lives here. Listening to them re-ignites within me just how necessary this ministry is and how it needs to NOT be forgotten by their Christian brothers and sisters. They are doing an astounding kingdom work here and they need your prayers and support as they continue showing Christ's love to these children and taking care of the needs of all those before them. It is a humbling experience for me to continue building relationships here and keeping these connections alive as we help in every way that we can while we are here, using the unique gifts that we have each been given and sharing the love of our Savior.

I know we're excited to begin work projects tomorrow morning to help in several practical ways to meet needs here at the home and then spending more one on one lesson time, devotion time, and fun time with these beautiful children.

Also, the four of us on this team seem to be bonding wonderfully and building each other up in various ways. It is a blessing to experience as we work together and seek the Holy Spirit's leading on this trip.

Again, thank you all for your prayers. There are beautiful things happening here in Juarez Mexico.

Buenos Noches!

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